Research outputs can be disseminated in different ways. In this section, results stemming from my own and my collaborative projects which I have been involved in can be found in the section Publications and Media & Communications.

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Lousin Moumdjian

FWO Postdoctoral Researcher at Hasselt university and Ghent university

I had the pleasure of working with Eleonora Baliviera for the last 5 months within an Erasmus+ internship program from UPadova. A talented researcher and a smiley person put together, made for a great collaboration 😊 Excited to see the output of the internship disseminated in the next few months, and her future endeavours unfold 😎😁 Peter Feys Nele Vanbilsen Mattia Rosso Faculteit Revalidatiewetenschappen UHasselt
Voorvertoning van afbeelding

Universiteit Van Vlaanderen: Can music help physical rehabilitation

Brains with Brian
interview with Brian Harris, CEO of medrhythms

MS research with the team of Prof. Feys,
interview by ‘Foundation Charcot Stichting’

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