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Lousin Moumdjian

FWO Postdoctoral Researcher at Hasselt university and Ghent university

I had the pleasure of working with Eleonora Baliviera for the last 5 months within an Erasmus+ internship program from UPadova. A talented researcher and a smiley person put together, made for a great collaboration 😊 Excited to see the output of the internship disseminated in the next few months, and her future endeavours unfold 😎😁 Peter Feys Nele Vanbilsen Mattia Rosso Faculteit Revalidatiewetenschappen UHasselt
Voorvertoning van afbeelding

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Perhaps not entirely, but it can for sure help!
A special thanks to our master student **Uma Minning** for creating a fantastic and compelling graphical abstract of our systematic review on:
‘auditory attention measured by EEG in neurological populations: systematic review of literature and meta-analysis’ Nele Vanbilsen Mattia Rosso Lisa Tedesco Triccas Sonja Kotz Marc Leman Peter Feys

The article can be accessed through the QR code in the image, or through this link:

Faculteit Revalidatiewetenschappen UHasselt

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Filled with thoughts of new designs after a day of training by Krittika Choudhury on the application of the @ANT Neuro system for both single and hyperscan EEG recordings.
Thanks for the interactive and stimulating day! Koen Cuypers Peter Feys Lisa Tedesco Triccas Sybren Van Hoornweder Eleonora Baliviera Nele Vanbilsen Faculteit Revalidatiewetenschappen UHasselt

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We had a lovely visit from Prof. Gordon Cheng and Natalia Paredes Acuña from TUM University in Munich to our laboratory of Peter Feys Faculteit Revalidatiewetenschappen UHasselt this Wednesday, exchanging disciplines of #neurorehabilitation and #neuroengineering. Thank you for the fantastic presentations and seminar, and we’re very much looking forward to potential collaborations 😊

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Looking forward to the workshop we are hosting on auditory-motor interactions on the 21st March! The intention is to provide a platform to inform clinical needs and gaps to move AM coupling investigations forward with attempts of reaching implemention.

Welcome and be apart of the discussion and conversation!

Registeration and details 👇
Peter Feys Mieke G. Nele Vanbilsen Faculteit Revalidatiewetenschappen UHasselt

Mieke G.

Jan 2024

Join our first meeting on “Auditory-motor interactions in clinical populations” on the 21th of March’24.
Peter Feys Lousin Moumdjian Nele Vanbilsen
UHasselt Faculteit Revalidatiewetenschappen UHasselt

For more information: click the link below ⬇

❗ Deadline abstract sumbission extended to the 16th of February

My second contribution to the 42nd scientific day of AMISEK in Brussels today on this year’s theme ‘reeducation de la march: retour vers l’autonomie’.
Lovely to have shared this day with Bruno Bonnechère as well!
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